• Vail Chamber Connection Co-Working Space

  • On April 18, 2019, the Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce opened the first co-working space on the southeast side of town. Vail Chamber Connection is located right in the heart of Vail’s original town site between the railroad tracks. Envisioned several years ago as a way to create a town center for Vail, the site fulfills a need for community businesses and residents.

    When we look at the current landscape of entrepreneurs, home based business, and people in corporate America who work from home; a co-working space fulfills a defined need. In many cases, the home office is not a suitable environment for a growing business where owners need to meet with clients. The home office also throws a wrench in the balance of life for so many because of the difficulty in separating home and work life. Furthermore, many home-based businesses simply don’t have the cash to pay for a dedicated office space with conference room options. 

    The new co-working space at Vail Chamber Connection solves these problems and more. 

    At the Vail Chamber Connection, we offer dedicated office space as well as hot desks for day use that can be utilized by the hour or through monthly membership.

    Further, we enjoy a large training room that seats up to 25. All guests will have access to WIFI and will have ability to print, scan, and copy documents.

    With Vail Chamber Connection, our businesses and residents now have a meeting place in Vail that they can utilize. The reasonable prices work for any home based business or other professional.  

    We look forward to welcoming the Vail community to this historic and fresh new space where we can work together to help businesses and the Vail community continue to grow and prosper.

  • Hot desks for day use can be utilized by the hour or through monthly membership. This large space also offers a dedicated full desk space at a monthly rate.

  • The training room is available at an hourly rate and can hold up to 25 people. You can connect your device to the screen for group presentations. After hours access is available.