• About Us

  • The Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce (GVACC) is “Influencing Vail’s Future.”

    This is a tagline we do not take lightly. We are actively working on our mission of “influencing Vail's future to enhance growth opportunities and advance economic development in the Greater Vail Area.” To do this, GVACC hosts monthly and annual events where members can shake hands with people in the community. We are regularly bringing in influencers from around Arizona to share the current conditions and direction of the State. And, we are a strong voice in the Greater Vail Area, helping foster a healthy community where the economy, the schools and our rich history thrive.


    The Greater Vail Area Chamber of Commerce (GVACC) was founded on a simple idea: The community needed an organization beyond a networking club to be the eyes, ears and voice of the economic development in the greater Vail area. This idea led to the creation of the current mission statement - “influencing Vail's future to enhance growth opportunities and advance economic development in the Greater Vail Area.”

    Today, GVACC operates under the tagline, “Influencing Vail’s Future.” With each year, we continue to become stronger advocates for the community by having a voice for the political issues that impact our area, supporting local businesses and creating events where the community can get closer to the business leaders who serve them.  


    Like many chambers, GVACC had humble beginnings. Since inception, the goal has been to create an environment that supports the economic development of the greater Vail area. This means we are more than a networking club, although that is a part of what we do. We are advocates for the business growth in and around Vail, Arizona. 


    Vail is known as “the town between the tracks.” This area has grown tremendously since its days of serving as a stopover to the railroad workers. Today, it is bustling with new business and residential development. Although Vail is still considered small, our town is rich with history. Read Vail’s history as told by the Superintendent of the Vail School District, Calvin Baker.   Read More >>


  • Champion Business Champion Business

    Provide Educational Opportunities

    Each month, we host a Business Power Hour. This is an educational experience where businesses of all sizes can gather valuable information to support their professional growth.

    Foster a Relationship Building Environment

    Our networking events are designed to help members network with others and form stronger relationships essential to their business growth. From our mixers to our speed networking and breakfast meetings, we provide ample opportunity to form strong business connections.

    Facilitate Connection Points Online

    Relationships need nurturing to prosper. That is why GVACC facilitates a private members only area online where members can mix and mingle between functions, getting help from their trusted fellow professionals.

    Promote our Members

    We offer a variety of ways to promote our member businesses. From promotional posts on our Facebook page to logo placement on printed and digital materials, we are constantly on the hunt for new ways to position our members in front of the greater Vail community.

    Community Enrichment Community Enrichment

    Town Halls

    GVACC believes in creating an environment where the community is informed. We have just begun hosting town hall events to provide a format where the community can attend and gather information about important issues affecting the area, such as the Pima County bond elections and more.


    Every year, GVACC hosts an event which brings the greater Vail community face-to-face with the local businesses that serve them. VailFest offers the community a free place to go for activities, food trucks and vendors.


    Our annual golf tournament raises money each year to provide scholarships to local seniors in the Vail School District. In total, we have awarded over $23,000 in scholarships to students in the greater Vail community since 2013. We also offered a platform for Coyote Creek to award a generous scholarship of $5,000 each year for four years. By partnering with members of the greater Vail community, we are able to support the future workforce by helping fund their college education.

    Support for Local Organizations

    Whether we are collecting donations for Greater Vail Community ReSources, sponsoring a section in a race along the Arizona Trail or raising money for the local Angel Tree, GVACC is giving back to the community. We support many local organizations and events throughout the year in a variety of ways.

    Advocacy Advocacy

    Improve Workforce Readiness

    We collaborate closely with the Vail School District. When a political issue comes into play that could impact education in our area, we make our voice heard to local and state legislators.

    Support Political Initiatives that Have a Direct Impact on the Greater Vail Area

    From SB1070 to the Pima County Bonds, GVACC has advocated for specific changes in the government systems and policies that would impact the economic climate in the Greater Vail Area. This includes supporting initiatives to create more jobs and spark positive development in our area.  

    Develop Relationships with Future Business and Political Leaders

    We recently added a Community Outreach position to our board. This position is designed to streamline the connection between the community’s needs and the business/political climate. It is our goal to be the voice that strengthens these connections and supports a positive development of the greater Vail area.